IDC Dates & Schedules

SDI IDC & IE dates 2022

Click on the link below to down load a schedule for that SDI IDC. Schedules are subject to change but give you a good idea of the study periods, classroom, confined water and open water days.



JAN 07 - IE JAN. 22 & 23
APR 08 - IE APR. 23 & 24
JUL 08 - IE JUL. 23 & 24
SEP 02 - IE SEP. 17 & 18
OCT 28 - IE NOV. 12 & 13




Everyone has their own preferences, tastes and budgets when it comes to accommodation, and for this reason we don’t provide accommodation during your training with us.

We have done our own research, helped by our previous candidates’ experiences and found a selection of places which are all close to our IDC facility in all locations, and close to the centre.  We will email these to you.


Week 1 (Be prepared)


Join us in tropical Townsville for the IDC and explore our 5 star Instructor Training Centre. All the room you need. With a full dive shop, classrooms service centre and fill stations.

Week 2

Learn & practice

Confined water

Confined water training is the core fundamental skills of the program conducted at the Tobruk pool to get you ready for Open Water Teaching.

Week 3 (Perfect it & prove it)

Open water & examination

The open water training takes part on the incredible Great Barrier Reef. With different locations we will teach you how to organise and control a group of students in any environment. 


The full time SDI IDC runs over 2 weeks. Some of the theory will be presented via the SDI e-learning application.

Confined water training will be conducted at the Tobruk Pool and Open water training on the incredible Great Barrier Reef.



The FRTI Instructor rating is the first step to getting certified as a SDI Open Water Scuba Instructor.

The FRTI Instructor rating is of great value. It will make you more employable and able to teach Rescue and DM courses.

The FRTI Instructor course is included and part of your IDC program offered