Instructor Development Course



First step to your new career



  • Your SDI TDI Instructor Trainer Jason Mengel commenced his diving career at the age of 21 while serving in the Australian Defence Force as an Armored Crewman.

  • Since 2013, Jason has been actively involved in the dive industry as a dive instructor, dive supervisor, retail manager, operations manager, Tech diver and instructor and SDI TDI Instructor Trainer.

  • He is as passionate about diving now as what he was at the age of 21.

  • With experience in cave, wreck and reef diving, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the training of new instructors to ensure you're best prepared for your new career.


  • I am so confident of your success that I offer an unparalleled guarantee.  Whilst it is most unlikely that you don’t pass your IE after having been trained with me, anyone can have a bad day and this promise gives you the ultimate security in investing your valuable money into your IDC training with me!

    If you are unsuccessful at your IE, I will pay your SDI fees to re-sit the failed segment at another IE and offer you free remedial training.


  • Computer Nitrox instructor specialty rating is included. You must be Nitrox certified at a recreational level (SDI fee applicable)

  • O2 Instructor provider instructor rating.

  • Instructor Examination pass guarantee


  • $3,500.00

  • Includes all SDI fees

  • Includes all study materials, slate pack and eLearning

  • Includes SDI instructor examination

  • Includes all boat fees

  • Includes all pool fees

  • Includes First Response Training Instructor rating

  • Includes all dives

  • Includes absolutely everything.

  • You have no more to pay