Why us for your IDC

Why do your SDI IDC with me?

You are about to spend a fair bit of your hard earned money on becoming a Dive Instructor. However, the reason you want to become an SDI Instructor is because you want the freedom of being your own instructor.



As a Scuba Diving International Instructor Trainer, I am regularly conducting training of my own in professional development. This is to ensure training and standards are keep up to date and you, as a student, to be taught to the highest standards.

While researching all the different IDC programs that are offered by different course directors and dive centres, you will find offers ranging from free IDC prep courses, free diving, free accommodation, free Nitrox course, etc. 

Here is what we at Remote Area Dive is offering you so that you can really be the “best” instructor for employment:

  • Instructor Exam pass guarantee

  • The Great Barrier Reef as a learning environment

  • Nitrox Instructor Specialty (application fee not included)

  • Latest training techniques 
  • Quality over quantity

  • Start anytime with e-Learning

  • IE assistance

  • State of the art training centre

  • Employment assistance

  • Learn the foundations of becoming a TDI Tech Instructor